Below you will find answers to some frequently asked questions about WFTDA’s insurance requirements for Member Leagues. Please contact if you have additional questions.

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Insurance FAQ

WFTDA requires insurance coverage for member leagues and events in North America, as detailed below.

League Liability Insurance Requirements
  • Leagues in North America are required to carry liability coverage for all roller derby activities, including practices, scrimmages, and intra- or inter-league games, regardless of sanctioning.
  • Coverage must be valid for roller derby activities for a minimum of US$2 million per occurrence.
    • Be sure to consult with your venue about their requirements as some may require a higher amount.
  • This coverage may be purchased from any provider that offers it.
Skater and Skating Official Medical Insurance Requirements
  • Skaters and Skating Officials in North America must have some form of personal accident and personal liability coverage in order to participate in roller derby actives, including practices, scrimmages, and intra- or inter-league games, regardless of sanctioning.
  • Minimum of US$10,000 personal accident coverage and minimum of US$1 million liability coverage.
  • League members must purchase coverage from the same provider as league’s liability coverage.
  • Unaffiliated skaters/officials may purchase from any provider that offers it.
Members Outside of North America
  • Refer to insurance requirements for holding roller derby events in your locality.
  • Skaters and Skating Officials participating in WFTDA-Sanctioned games or other roller derby activities hosted by WFTDA member leagues in other countries may be required to have proof of insurance that covers roller derby activities and is valid in the country where the event is taking place. [WFTDA Sanctioning Policy – Insurance Requirements]

Roller derby insurance is required in North America by all major roller derby organizations, including WFTDA, JRDA, and MRDA, primarily for liability protection. Accidents can and do happen in our sport, and if someone is injured at your event and you’re not adequately covered, any skaters involved, your league, your venue, and the WFTDA could be found liable.

Liability insurance protects you as an individual, and your league as a business, so that a third party can’t come after your personal assets if you’re found responsible for another person’s injury. Landlords and venues require that leagues and participants carry liability coverage in order to hold roller derby events on their property. Many U.S. venues require a minimum of $2 million in liability coverage.

Individual league members or others participating on skates in roller derby activities are required to have roller derby insurance because primary medical insurance does not include this type of coverage, or protect your league from liability if you’re injured or injure someone else at a league event.

The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) is a membership organization for women’s flat track roller derby leagues. WFTDA Insurance is a subsidiary of the WFTDA that offers insurance coverage for roller derby activities in the United States. WFTDA Insurance is separate from WFTDA Membership.

Some quick facts:

  • WFTDA Member Leagues are not required to purchase WFTDA Insurance [Learn More].
  • WFTDA Insurance is available to all roller derby leagues and participants in the United States, including non-member women’s flat track, as well as men’s, juniors, and banked track.
  • WFTDA Insurance is owned by Women’s Flat Track Derby International (WFTDI), a for-profit subsidiary of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA).
  • Both companies were created “by skaters, for skaters,” are managed and operated by current or former members of the WFTDA community, and are overseen by a volunteer board of directors consisting of and elected by WFTDA members.
  • WFTDA Insurance distributes up to 1/3 of its annual revenue to the WFTDA, to support the development of membership benefits and competitive play programs.

WFTDA Membership Information

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Roller derby leagues in North America are required to have insurance that covers roller derby activities [Learn More]. WFTDA Member Leagues are not required to purchase WFTDA Insurance, and may choose any insurance provider that offers the required coverage. League members participating on skates in league activities are also required to have coverage under the same provider, regardless of which provider you choose.

The host league is responsible for verifying insurance for all participants, and should do so at least 30 days in advance. If the league has WFTDA insurance, you can verify skater coverage here. You must have the participants’ names as they appear in the Member Portal, or their ID number (both are preferable for positive identification). The visiting league must  provide a copy of their Certificate of Insurance.

For leagues with other insurance, their insurer’s requirements apply, for example, USARS leagues must sanction through USARS in order for their coverage to be in effect. Ensure the league you are hosting is complying with their insurer’s requirements, and request documentation that provides proof of insurance for both the league and the skaters.

On site, ALL visitors must sign the WFTDA Event Waiver prior to participating (before they put on skates).

Visiting skaters are not required to have insurance for practices, scrimmages, and boot camps. ALL visitors participating with your league must sign the WFTDA Event Waiver prior to participating (before they put on skates).

General Liability Insurance protects your league against lawsuits arising from Bodily Injury, Property Damage, and Personal Injury. Liability protection is provided by this policy for your league’s sponsored and supervised activities as they pertain to roller derby (practices, scrimmages, and games).

Claim examples under WFTDA’s General Liability policy include lawsuits coming from injured participants, injured spectators, or third-parties who seek damages for an alleged liability. ALL skating and non-skating participants must sign a liability waiver prior to participating with your league.

Personal Accident Medical Insurance is designed to supplement your existing primary medical coverage and is intended to provide excess/secondary coverage for injuries sustained while participating in roller derby. This coverage provides up to 52 weeks (1 year) of benefits on an excess basis. If no primary plan is in place (such as health insurance), this policy could act as primary coverage, subject to the terms and limitations of the accident policy.

WFTDA requires that all participants, including off-skates volunteers, sign our membership waiver annually. Skating participants sign this waiver electronically when they purchase insurance.

In the event of a lawsuit, a release of liability waiver is the first line of defense for your organization. Waivers should be retained for a minimum of one year.

If your league uses its own waiver in addition to the WFTDA waiver, we strongly recommend that you consult with an attorney or other qualified legal counsel in your state when developing or reviewing your waiver/release system.

Yes. When you participate in a high risk, full contact sport, waivers are an important part of your participation. If you’re asked to sign a waiver, please sign it.

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WFTDI Canada assists roller derby skaters and leagues across Canada by providing resources, information, and insurance as part of our membership, which is open to all forms of roller derby, including flat track, banked track, short-track, women’s, men’s, co-ed, and junior derby leagues.

WFTDI Canada is a subsidiary of WFTDA. Membership in WFTDI Canada is separate from membership in WFTDA.

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