WFTDA “This is Roller Derby” Beginner Curriculum

As of December 15, 2020, the former MSR has been removed from the WFTDA Charter Policy and is no longer required for WFTDA charter skaters participating in a WFTDA-sanctioned game, and no longer recommended in general. There will be no other baseline skill requirements for entering into a WFTDA-sanctioned game.

Furthermore, WFTDA Member Leagues no longer have to provide or require the Skater Rules Test.

New Curriculum “This is Roller Derby”

As guidance for new participants entering the sport of flat track roller derby, the WFTDA provides this plan for leagues to develop their skaters’ skills to be able to play WFTDA-regulation and sanctioned games.

The “This is Roller Derby” curriculum and supplemental resources can be found on the WFTDA Community website.

Visit our WFTDA “Skater Education & Training” Community Workspace where the former Curriculum Task Force will help answer questions and offer guidance on the curriculum. Sign up for the WeFTDA Collective to get access yourself or have your WFTDA Skater or Official Representative join.

Watch Skills Assessment Videos:

Note: these videos will be updated to reflect the new beginner curriculum in 2021.

Guide for Equipment Check

Skaters and Skating Officials are responsible for the safety and efficiency of their own required and optional gear. The WFTDA recommends that teams conduct their own equipment checks prior to game start, and requires this check for all WFTDA-sanctioned games. WFTDA also encourages leagues to include equipment check and general skate maintenance as a part of the league minimum skills or league training, to ensure this practice is incorporated in the earliest stages of participating in roller derby. Equipment issues can be caught by a quick inspection of gear using the Guide for Equipment Check.


Returning to Full Contact After a Break

These guidelines are meant as recommendations and not regulations for leagues and individuals, and focus on gradually coming back to full contact. Please note the timeline for return to play will be situation-dependent.


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