WFTDA Written Rules Test

Written test for the Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby (Updated January 2019). Leagues may determine the appropriate frequency of testing for all charter roster skaters, but all skaters must have passed the current test before being added to a charter roster.


WFTDA Skater Rules Test

     WFTDA Skater Rules Test Answer Key

Online Rules Test

(Note: The online test is a Google Form with information on the first page about completion and how to receive your results. The answer key above is not meant for use with the online test, as the questions may not be in the same order as the Rules Test PDF.)


Test de règles des Patineur•ses de la WFTDA

     Test de règles des Patineur•ses de la WFTDA Feuille de réponses


WFTDA Regeltest für Skater*innen

     WFTDA Regeltest für Skater*innen Antworten


WFTDA Examen de Reglamento para Patinadores (Femenino)

WFTDA Examen de Reglamento para Patinadores (Neutro)

     WFTDA Examen de Reglamento para Patinadores Respuestas

WFTDA Minimum Skills Requirements

Visit our MSR Open Discussion on the WFTDA Community to download and discuss the vision and objections of the MSR Restructure and WFTDA New Skater Curriculum.

The WFTDA Minimum Skills Requirements (MSR) establish minimum skating skill requirements for all skaters participating in WFTDA-sanctioned interleague and tournament games. (Updated June 2013)

English Minimum Skills Requirements (MSR)

Deutsch WFTDA Minimum Skills Andforderungen Für Skater*Innen


The WFTDA Minimum Skills Assessment Companion (MSAC) includes a PDF and complimentary video set. This serves as an instructional guide to assist with the training and assessment of MSRs. (Released March 1, 2017)

Download/View Minimum Skills Assessment Companion (MSAC)

Watch the Minimum Skills Assessment Videos:

Guide for Equipment Check

Skaters and Skating Officials are responsible for the safety and efficiency of their own required and optional gear. The WFTDA recommends that teams conduct their own equipment checks prior to game start, and requires this check for all WFTDA-sanctioned games. WFTDA also encourages leagues to include equipment check and general skate maintenance as a part of the league minimum skills or league training, to ensure this practice is incorporated in the earliest stages of participating in roller derby. Equipment issues can be caught by a quick inspection of gear using the Guide for Equipment Check.


Returning to Full Contact After a Break

These guidelines are meant as recommendations and not regulations for leagues and individuals, and focus on gradually coming back to full contact. Please note the timeline for return to play will be situation-dependent.


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