WFTDA “This is Roller Derby” Beginner Curriculum

As of December 15, 2020, the former MSR has been removed from the WFTDA Charter Policy and is no longer required for WFTDA charter skaters participating in a WFTDA-sanctioned game, and no longer recommended in general. There will be no other baseline skill requirements for entering into a WFTDA-sanctioned game. Furthermore, WFTDA Member Leagues no longer have to provide or require the Skater Rules Test. These resources are still available (below) for leagues to use as a reference in designing their own training curriculum.

WFTDA’s “This is Roller Derby” skater curriculum was designed by the WFTDA Skater Curriculum Task Force to provide guidance for roller derby leagues to develop skaters’ skills to play in WFTDA-regulation and sanctioned games. This curriculum and supplemental resources replaced the WFTDA’s previous minimum skills requirements and skater rules tests, in an effort to remove barriers to participating in our sport by creating opportunities for learning, play, and engagement at every level, without focusing on defined timelines for successful completion. Download the curriculum, below, to learn more.

Resources & Additional Guides

The “This is Roller Derby” skater curriculum and supplemental resources can be downloaded below as individual files or as a single zip file containing all documents.

This is Roller Derby + Additional Resources

Main Curriculum

“This is Roller Derby”
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Additional Resources

5 Tips for Where and How to Start Implementing the Beginner Curriculum in Your League


Coaching Resources Library

Introducing Contact & Recovery Guide

Recommendations on Mixed Level Play

How to Create an Inclusive Training Environment

Skills Cards

Player Development Map

Transition Plan

FAQ Sheet

Additional guides and translations are planned for future release.


As the curriculum was released at the beginning of the global COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that leagues returning to training may be unaware of these updates and need additional guidance in implementing the curriculum. WFTDA Member Leagues may continue with existing plans and establish new structures when they have had more time to assess and apply the curriculum to their league environment.

In the “Skater Education & Training” discussion group on the WFTDA Online Community,  you can ask questions and participate in discussions with members of the Curriculum Task Force and other WFTDA members about implementing the curriculum while transitioning to a new program or process. Join the Community to get access yourself or ask your league’s WFTDA Skater or Official Representative to get involved.

Read more about this in the Transition & Implementation Plan for the new Beginner Curriculum “This is Roller Derby.”

Still have more questions? We want to hear from you via this feedback form!

Other Resources

WFTDA Guide for Equipment Check

This guide illustrates the proper fit of skating equipment. All participants are responsible for the safety of their own equipment and the WFTDA recommends that leagues make equipment safety and maintenance a part of their league training curriculum. This document includes recommendations on how to safely return to roller derby after a break as well as mental health recommendations. (Updated May 2020)

WFTDA Recommendations for Return to Full-Contact Skating
This document includes recommendations on how to safely return to roller derby after a break as well as mental health recommendations. (Updated May 2020)

Recomendaciones de WFTDA para el Retornoal Patinaje Con Contacto (traducciones en español)
Pautas de Retorno para Roller Derby de WFTDA frente a COVID-19, Recomendaciones de WFTDA para el Retorno al Patinaje Con Contacto, Guia de Control de Infecciones de WFTDA. (Agosto 2020)

Old Skater Education/Training Documents (For Reference Only)

Please note the following documents are outdated and are for reference only.

OLD WFTDA Minimum Skills Requirements

Minimum Skills Requirements (MSR)
Deutsch WFTDA Minimum Skills Andforderungen Für Skater*Innen
The WFTDA Minimum Skills Requirements (MSR) used to establish minimum skating skill requirements for all skaters participating in WFTDA-sanctioned interleague and tournament games. (Not updated since 2017)

Minimum Skills Assessment Companion (MSAC)
The WFTDA Minimum Skills Assessment Companion (MSAC) includes a PDF and complimentary video set. This used to serve as an instructional guide to assist with the training and assessment of MSRs. (Not updated since 2017)

OLD WFTDA Written Rules Test

Old written and online test for the Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby (last updated January 2019). Please note – these documents are for reference only and are not up to date.

WFTDA Skater Rules Test
WFTDA Skater Rules Test Answer Key

Online Rules Test
(Note: The online test is a Google Form with information on the first page about completion and how to receive your results. The answer key above is not meant for use with the online test, as the questions may not be in the same order as the Rules Test PDF.)

Test de règles des Patineur•ses de la WFTDA
Test de règles des Patineur•ses de la WFTDA Feuille de réponses

WFTDA Regeltest für Skater*innen
WFTDA Regeltest für Skater*innen Antworten

WFTDA Examen de Reglamento para Patinadores (Femenino)
WFTDA Examen de Reglamento para Patinadores (Neutro)
WFTDA Examen de Reglamento para Patinadores Respuesta

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