WFTDA Risk Management Guidelines

The WFTDA Risk Management Guidelines apply to all WFTDA-sanctioned games, regardless of insurance coverage. For WFTDA insurance holders these guidelines also apply to all practices and other covered activities. (Updated November 2020)

WFTDA Risk Management Guidelines (S, T)

Participant Safety

WFTDA Guide for Equipment Check

This guide illustrates the proper fit of skating equipment. All participants are responsible for the safety of their own equipment and the WFTDA recommends that leagues make equipment safety and maintenance a part of their league training curriculum.

Concussion Awareness and Return to Play Protocol

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head that can change the way your brain normally works. Proper treatment of concussion is imperative, so we have compiled some resources to help roller derby leagues raise awareness around the importance of recognizing and treating concussion, and following return to play protocol. Visit our web site at the link above for more information.

WFTDA 2019 Participant Safety Survey Findings

In 2019 the WFTDA conducted a survey of roller derby participants in order to assess the probability of injury across participants in roller derby historically; the use, awareness, and satisfaction with existing insurance products; and demographics of the research participants. The results of the survey are summarized in this document.

WFTDA Infection Control Guide

This document provides guidance to leagues and participants on best practices to prevent the transmission of communicable diseases and skin infections when participating in roller derby. (Updated May 2020)

Return to Play Recommendations

Recommendations for returning to play after extended periods of inactivity due to high rates of infectious disease or other causes, including WFTDA’s “Return to Roller Derby Ladder” for restarting roller derby activities, recommendations for returning to full contact, and audience return guidelines.

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