Member Leagues have the right and responsibility to nominate and elect leadership positions, such as the Board of Directors, annually, as well as approving updates to the Rules, Bylaws, or other organizational policies. It’s important for every league to vote so that our policies and leadership accurately reflect our membership.

WFTDA Member Guide: Annual Elections

The WFTDA Marketing department has created this quick guide to help members understand the annual elections process. Please feel free to share with your league members or others as needed.

Call For Nominations

In April, a call for nominations to fill open Board seats and other elected positions is posted to the WFTDA Online Community (formerly known as the WFTDA Member Forum), and Members are notified via email sent to their league’s WFTDA Representatives, Admins, and Vote Reminder contacts.

Nomination Eligibility

Any qualified member of a WFTDA Member League is eligible to run or be nominated for leadership positions. Nominations must be posted, seconded, and accepted in the Call for Nominations post on the WFTDA Online Community, and nomination application and paperwork must be submitted by the specified deadlines to be included on the ballot.

WFTDA Member League Representatives can find a full list of requirements, responsibilities, and other information about the nomination and election process in the Voting section of the WFTDA Online Community.

Diversity, Equity, & Advocacy

As a progressive organization run by and for people who are traditionally marginalized in sports, WFTDA Members have consistently voted and pushed for a greater focus on centering the WFTDA’s core values of diversity, equity, and advocacy in the organization’s leadership and policies.

Members with a passion for these issues and a desire to do what it takes to make things happen are strongly encouraged to run for a WFTDA Leadership position, even if you have no experience as WFTDA League Representative.

Learn more about WFTDA’s commitment to Diversity and Inclusion.

Submit Your League’s Vote

Voting rights are one of the primary benefits of WFTDA Membership, allowing Member Leagues to have a say in the important decisions that shape our organization and the future of our sport. It is crucial that as many leagues vote as possible on every election and proposal put up for ballot, not only so that we can meet quorum as required by our bylaws, but—more importantly—so that WFTDA’s policies and leadership accurately reflect our membership and values.

Ballots are posted to the Voting section of the WFTDA Online Community, and notifications emailed to league reps, admins, and vote reminder contacts. Please make sure your league submits a vote on every ballot, even if you’re not able to come to a consensus or don’t have an opinion (there is always an “Abstain” option!).

Election Results

Ballots are open for two weeks at the end of June, and results are announced internally to Member Leagues via the WFTDA Online Community and emails to league reps, admins, and vote reminder contacts.

If quorum is not met by the ballot deadline, it will be extended until enough leagues vote for quorum to be met. Again—please make sure your league is voting! The sooner we reach quorum, the sooner our new leadership can get to work for you!

Get Help

For more information or assistance with your league’s WFTDA membership or Online Community access, please contact

To contact the current WFTDA Board of Directors, email

Manage your league’s WFTDA Representatives, Member Portal Admins, Vote Reminders, and other important contacts in the WFTDA Member Portal, and make sure they’re opted in to receive WFTDA emails so you don’t miss any important updates.

Download and Share

This guide is also available in infographic and text-only versions (below) that can easily be shared with your league members (note: this information is not confidential and may be shared outside of your league, if you find reason to do so).

WFTDA Guide to Elections [Text Only]
WFTDA Guide to Elections [Text Only – MOBILE]

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