Documents and resources on roller derby for your league promotion and events. These resources are free to use, but should not be altered in any way unless otherwise noted. Please follow usage and attribution guidelines where specified.

Roller Derby Basics

derby-basics.pngClick for Full Size Image

Program Pages

Derby Basics PDFs are available for download in 8.5″x11″, 11″x17″, and A4 sizes, in both color and black and white. These files may be resized proportionally as needed.

Roller Derby Basics Letter (Color)

Roller Derby Basics A4 (Color)

Roller Derby Basics 11 x 17 (Color)

Roller Derby Basics Letter (Black and white)

Roller Derby Basics A4 (Black and white)

Roller Derby Basics 11 x 17 (Black and white)

Penalty Quick Reference Guide

Flat Track Roller Derby Penalty Quick Reference GuideClick for Full Size Image

Download PDF

Roller Derby 101 Videos

These videos may be shared on your social media platforms, embedded on your website, played at your games, or used in other ways that you see fit (in alignment with WFTDA’s code of conduct and values) to promote your league and our sport. Please tag or credit WFTDA and include a link to or when possible.

Roller Derby 101 YouTube Playlist

Downloadable Video Files

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