A Games Tournament Oversight Officer (GTO) provides oversight at tournaments and multi-game weekends to ensure a fair and well-managed competitive event. The main duties of the GTO are to:

  • oversee competition and tournament policies
  • support officiating personnel and the tournament host
  • manage sanctioning and score reporting
  • act as a Skater advocate
  • enforce grievance policies

The GTO is a required position for WFTDA-sanctioned tournaments.

GTOs can be skaters, officials or other volunteers. Their role in the event is not as an official, but as high-level oversight. The GTO works with the tournament host, head officials and teams to ensure that all tournament and sanctioning policies are followed. A good GTO is organized, experienced in tournament play and policies, and comfortable with conflict and problem resolution.

For more information on Games Tournament Oversight, contact bones@wftda.com.

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