WFTDA ART Project November and December Initiatives

November was a productive and encouraging month for work and planning with the ART Project,  the WFTDA’s 12-member panel whose work is helping re-envision an equitable, anti-racist and community-led organization.

During the November meeting, ART Project panelists worked on creating consensus around ideas focused on competition and community, the concept of anti-racism, and transformational justice. Using these conversations, panelists moved forward on creating work plans and task forces to address key areas of WFTDA function: Organizational change, Membership, and Governance in roller derby.

Identified priorities in November meetings included: 

  • WFTDA Structures
    • Exploring regionalized programs for Membership and the structure of the WFTDA as a Governing Body.
    • Changing structures from competition focus to a collaborative and community-driven environment.
    • Examining competition from a regional and equity perspective.
  • Accessibility of Information and Communication
    • Implementing d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing and translation protocols for WFTDA.
    • Activating more opportunities for video and audio learning and communication.
  • Accountability Systems for Membership
    • Examining names and logos for leagues and individuals.
  • Officiating and Rules
    • Reviewing Codification of Rules, Certification, and Officiating from an equity lens.
  • Educational Programming
    • Provide Baseline Education for WFTDA Member Leagues on values/CoC.

Once again, the WFTDA wishes to thank our ART Panel members for their innovation and insight, as well as our Accountability Partners and D&I members who continue to support us through this organizational transformation.

The ART Project will meet next on December 19, 2020. Join us for discussions in the WeFTDA community!