In order to achieve our goals to become an anti-racist organization, and to make WFTDA roller derby a safer, more collaborative space for BIPOC members of our community, we need to look at our organization through the lens of those who are affected by our actions. This commitment begins with knowing that we are not speaking to our full community and that we have actively caused harm and disengagement in the WFTDA by upholding systems built in white privilege.

The Need for Anti-Racism

“Anti-racism is the active, on-going process of dismantling systems of racial inequity and creating new systems of racial equity. Anti-racism demands that this work be done at internal, interpersonal, institutional, and cultural levels in order to effectively address systemic racism. Anti-racism is an approach, not an end-point, and thus provides a useful frame for an organizational change process.”

Deeper Anti-Racist Organizational Change: More Tools and Resources. CommunityWise Resource Center

Starting in August 2020, the WFTDA will embark on an anti-racism organization-wide change process called the Anti-Racism Team Project (ART Project) that prioritizes those voices that our organization has excluded and silenced over the course of our 15 years: the voices of our BIPOC community members.

We will open our recruitment process for the Anti-Racism Team Project (ART Project) on August 7th and will be using a process that will center the voices most affected by institutional and organizational racism. We will also engage with others interested in the project from the broader community to participate and stay informed.

How Will it Work?

The ART Project team of organizers will work with WFTDA Board, Staff, Officers, and other key stakeholders, guiding the organization into a new era focused on anti-racist action and intersectional collaboration.

Currently, the WFTDA is recruiting for Phase One of this project, which will set the priorities for re-imagining systems in the months and years ahead.

Future Phases will be determined by the ART, meaning that the Team will be in charge of the goals and objectives for each continuing Phase of the Project.

How Can I Get Involved?

The WFTDA is asking for recommendations and nominations for Team members to work on Phase One who are interested in engaging in this collaborative process for terms of 6 months, to be renewed as deemed necessary by the Team.

Team members will be asked to do the following:

  • Attend at least one (1) online team meeting per month, August 2020 through January 2021
  • Review, evaluate and when applicable, create policies, structure, management documents etc. as needed and instructed by the Team
  • Commit to involvement for six (6) month increments

In Phase One, the ART Project team will use the next six months to prioritize change across the organization and direct internal and external work for the WFTDA based on those priorities. Team members will be responsible for envisioning anti-racist and equity-based functions in every aspect of the organization, including:

  • WFTDA membership requirements
  • Skills requirements and competitive pathways
  • WFTDA governance structures
  • Current and future education needs
  • Officiating practices
  • Announcing and volunteer best practices

Members of the ART Project will be asked to prioritize the depth and scope of work needed to make these changes, and advise the WFTDA on the timelines of work in the years to come, including the following:

  • Conducting an inventory of work ahead for the team
  • Identifying the areas of focus with the greatest impact and quickest change process
  • Setting the agenda and time frame for change-making
  • Working with the WFTDA Board, Staff, and Leadership on implementing change

The ART Project will work in concert with the WFTDA Board, Staff, Officers, and Leadership in the following capacities:

  • Logistical planning for the team
  • Operations based knowledge sharing
  • Historical context
  • Legal/financial implication where necessary
  • Participate in meetings to gain understanding
  • Prepare implementation strategies with the Team

Will There Be Compensation?

Yes. The WFTDA understands that the experience and input brought to the table by our Team members is invaluable and integral to the success of the organization and the ART Project. To that end, the WFTDA will recognize this by compensating those whose lived experiences are supporting this work. The organization will reimburse for fees up to $150/month per participant up to 10 members of the team that identify Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, or POC. Estimated time for each ART Project team member is 5-7 hours per month. The WFTDA is working to find funding that would increase the Team size and compensation of Team members for future Phases.

What Experience Do I Need?

The WFTDA is looking for BIPOC community members for our compensated slots. We prefer WFTDA community members, or those familiar with roller derby, to help identify the areas of greatest need regarding anti-racism. Experience with community organizing is helpful, as is an understanding of grassroots or nonprofit organizations.

How Do I Apply?

The WFTDA will host a Kick Off Meeting on Saturday August 29, 2020. We invite nominations/solicitations by contacting us here.

Members will be reviewed, selected, and notified by August 22, 2020.

Thanks to:
The WFTDA D&I Committee
Atlanta Roller Derby
Erica Vanstone
Kimberly Eisen, MSW
Lesley Wachsman
April Fournier
Meghan Schuttler
Dara Monasch
Tess Harrison
Simone Radway
Ana Lucia Guarido

Additional structural guidance from:

CommunityWise Resource Centre

Mohkinstsis, Treaty 7 Territory |Calgary, Alberta |2019

Everyday Feminism: Beyond Diversity: How to Build a Truly Anti-Racist Organization

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