It seems (to me, at least) like a glaring problem or several problems that leagues from cities with majority BIPOC populations do not have that diversity reflected in their skater populations. Why aren’t we addressing that?

We agree that this is a common issue that needs to be addressed across the sport. Before contemplating a deeper recruiting policy with BIPOC community members in your area, it is important to examine the policies and practices of your league that may have created a polarizing effect in your league. The WFTDA is investing in this process as an organization, and it requires an ongoing commitment to do this work. The Board of Directors, members of the WFTDA Staff, the WFTDA D&I Committee, and our Accountability Partners are committed to holding regular working meetings to examine how our current structures uphold white dominance and shape a working plan to dismantle and change those structures. Part of this work will involve exploring ways leagues will be asked to provide information on how they are actively recruiting and maintaining members. Details on this will be forthcoming. Education is in the process of adding more tools and resources to the Code of Conduct Toolkit.