Once all information has been submitted to WFTDA Officials Certification, the review process can begin.

  • Applications for certification are processed in the order in which they are received. After you have received an email stating that your application has been received, please wait at least 45 days before emailing in to check on its status.
  • If a packet is expected to take more than 45 days to process due to a high volume of applications, those applications will be notified of the expected delay.
  • Applications are evaluated for completeness on the date of application. If you apply on October 3, 2020, OOSes must have been written within 90 days of that date, and games must be completed within 1-2 years of that date. If your application is delayed, it will be considered a valid application if it was valid on the date it was submitted.

All applicants will be provided with a Review Summary that includes an assessment of strengths, challenges, and a concrete summary of what additional proof of performance will be necessary to advance to the next level.

Validity of Certification and Upgrade/Renewal Timing

Certification validity and renewal/upgrade timing is as follows:

Certification Level If Granted, Valid For May Upgrade / Renew After* If Not Granted May Reapply After*
Uncertified → Recognized 2 years 6 months/1.5 years Remain uncertified 6 months
Uncertified → Level 1 3 years 2 years/2.5 years Remain uncertified 6 months
Recognized → Level 1 3 years 2 years/2.5 years Current level valid 2 years 6 months
Level 1 → Level 2 or Level 2 → Level 3 3 years 2 years/2.5 years Current level valid 3 years 6 months
Level 3 renewal 3 years 2.5 years Level 2 valid 3 years 6 months for Level 3

*Should the Certification Panel downgrade an official to a level below the official’s current level, the official may reapply after six months. Officials may also apply for an Exception Request to be able to apply earlier, perhaps because they have completed all of the concrete steps listed in their prior review.


A Certification Appeals Panel will be formed to review any applications for appeals of Certification decisions. Appeals may only be made for denial of Level 2 or Level 3 Certification, and may only be lodged if the Official believes something went wrong with the original review (no new information may be submitted or reviewed during the appeal). Appeals must be lodged within 30 days of the denial of the level of certification requested. To file an appeal, an official should submit the Appeals Form.

Exception Requests

An official may fill out the Request for Exception form (form links will be posted when the process is open for use) if they believe that, due to unusual circumstances, they should be allowed to:

  • apply for advancement without having met the games requirements, or
  • apply early for advancement,
  • re-apply for certification earlier than usual, or
  • apply for a higher level than they otherwise would be allowed to

The Appeals Panel will do their best to respond to the Request for Exception within 30 days and if an exception is granted, the Appeals Panel will notify the official. If the official is allowed to apply early, the Panel will indicate in which month the official is allowed to be reviewed.

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