WFTDA’s membership requirements, benefits, and fees. The membership year runs from August 1 to July 31 of the following year, with renewal opening on July 1.

Membership Requirements

In order to be a member of the WFTDA, roller derby leagues must meet the following requirements:

  • Managed by at least 67% league members who identify as women or gender expansive, as detailed in the WFTDA Gender Statement.
  • 51% owned by league members who identify as women or gender expansive, as detailed in the WFTDA Gender Statement.
  • Governed by democratic principles and practices.
  • Competitors must play by the Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby.
  • Each member league may have any number of charter teams that compete in WFTDA rankings..
  • This charter team must include only skaters who identify as women or gender expansive, as detailed in the WFTDA Gender Statement.

Application Information

Contact with questions.

Member Benefits

Members of the WFTDA receive many benefits, including:

  • One charter team competing in WFTDA competitive structures is included in the membership fee.
    • Additional teams may be added for an additional annual fee
  • WFTDA Member Rankings
  • Access for unlimited league representatives on the WFTDA Online Community
  • Voting privileges (one vote per league) on WFTDA elections, policies, rules, and other issues
  • Access to WFTDA online education materials
  • Discounts on WFTDA Insurance products, where applicable

Membership Fees

WFTDA offers a highly discounted fee for leagues in regions with economic hardships, currently the “Global Index program.” This program benefits leagues in Latin America, Eastern Europe, and South Africa.

For other leagues, payment plans are available upon request to

Current Membership Fees:

Category Price Note
Membership Fee $400 US Includes one charter team
Additional Team Fee $100 US per team Caps at 3 teams ($300 US)
Global Index leagues No dues $10 US per additional team
Board and Officer Leagues No dues Additional team fees apply

Voluntary Inactive Status

Leagues who are unable to pay dues, or who wish to pause membership to achieve league needs, may choose to take a Voluntary Inactive Status. Inactive leagues may remain on the online community and will be eligible for applicable insurance discounts. However they cannot participate in votes or in competition (sanctioning, rankings or postseason events).

  • Leagues may be inactive for a maximum of 12 months.
    • After that date, if a league is unable to pay dues or participate, even with appropriate discounts or payment plans in place, they will be asked to drop their membership
    • Leagues may return when the situation changes, as long as they still meet WFTDA membership requirements.
  • Leagues on Inactive Status may return at any time during the year once they pay dues, and dues will be prorated on a quarterly basis.
    • Return after October 31, annual dues will be 75% of the annual membership fee.
    • Return after January 31, annual dues will be 50% of the annual membership fee.
    • Return after April 30, annual dues will be 25% of the annual membership fee.
    • Additional team fees will also be prorated.

New Members

New members will be admitted to the WFTDA on a quarterly basis and pay their dues based on the prorated rates published above.

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