Roller Derby Officiating Certification Program Opening Applications for Recognized and Level 2 Status

The Roller Derby Officiating Certification Program is opening applications for anyone who has completed the requirements for Level 2 Certification on September 15, 2019.

You can find the advanced online lessons by the Officiating Education Committee on the WFTDA Learning Management System, and the application form HERE (these links are also located on the Certification Program page). The advanced tests will be released no later than September 6th by the Online Learning and Testing Committee.

The advanced lessons are designed as “micro-lessons” around very specific topics. They are required for everyone—both skating and non-skating officials—as they look at topics from all angles. In addition to these six lessons, the Risk Management and Rules lessons also need to be completed.

  • Using Good Judgement to Make a Call: A deeper discussion about what is good judgment and how it relates to the Rules. How to use good judgment when determining if an action is illegal and whether the action warrants a penalty.
  • Discretion: Further discussion, details, and examples of when it is appropriate to use Discretion and how to best use it.
  • Jammer Swaps (Penalty Box): A detailed look at the Rules about Jammer swaps and the different types of swaps that can occur. How to handle difficult swaps, best practices, and useful tools for both NSOs and Referees.
  • Pack Definition: A detailed look into Pack Definition Rules as well as examples of Pack Definition penalties.
  • Scoring: Discussion on how and when points are earned and how points are earned for NOTT and Out of Play skaters. A detailed look at Scoring Avoidance and red flags on the SK paperwork to assist in accurate scoring.
  • Star Passes: A detailed look at Star Passes, what is legal, what is not, what is a failed attempt, as well as what warrants a warning, a penalty, or a no call.

Additionally, the program is re-opening the Recognized applications process. The updated Recognized status now includes a requirement of three Overviews of Officiating Skill, which will be summarized for the applicant.

Applications for Level 2 and Recognized will be accepted starting on September 15, 2019. The Certification Program would like to thank everyone for their patience as they worked through the process of re-opening Recognized applications.

In the interest of transparency, we needed to close Recognized applications due to a misunderstanding in the requirements for applications. Our process failed to review the Overviews of Officiating Skills that our policy required. This was an oversight on our part and we will not be requiring those already at Recognized to re-apply once we are open. 

Part of the delay with reopening has been connected with ensuring that when we reopen applications that we have a process and a purpose for those OOSes. Since Recognized does not have a skill-based component to its requirements, these OOSes should provide any guidance to Certification on any qualities of the official. These will then be used to provide targeted feedback to the official to improve the quality of a future Level 1 application.” – Chair of Officials Certification Committee, Strong Female Character

As with Level 1 applications, an application for Level 2 Certification does not guarantee that Level 2 Certification will be granted. Certification does its best for every applicant to certify at the correct level based on proven completion of officiating education requirements, skills assessments, and game experience.

Officials who are qualified to apply to any level are encouraged to apply to the level they believe they deserve.

Officials who believe they are Level 3 are encouraged to wait, as applications for Level 3 are targeted to be open by the beginning of 2020.

Officials who are not sure if they are Level 3, but might be, are encouraged to apply to Level 2 when they feel ready (or to wait if they prefer). Level 1 applications are still operating normally.

Visit the Certification Program page for more information.