The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) is committed to becoming an actively anti-racist organization. We realize that this does not happen overnight and it takes an active effort from all of us to dismantle racism that is entrenched in our community.

The WFTDA Anti-Racism Team (ART) Project Report

The WFTDA ART Project Report is the culmination of Phase One of the ART Project, in which the WFTDA Anti-Racism Team (ART) prioritized change across the organization by reviewing WFTDA policies and activities, and directed internal and external work for the WFTDA based on those priorities. The report envisions anti-racist and equity-based functions in every aspect of the organization, including:

  • WFTDA Membership Requirements
  • Skills Requirements and Competitive Pathways
  • WFTDA Governance Structures
  • Current and Future Education Needs
  • Officiating Practices
  • Announcing and Volunteer Best Practices

Members of the ART Project were asked to prioritize the depth and scope of work needed to make these changes, and advised the WFTDA on the timelines of work in the years to come. The team created an ART Project Report and provided it to the WFTDA Board of Directors.

The WFTDA Board of Directors then created a 2023-2026 WFTDA Strategic Plan that centralizes the values and principles of the ART Project in every strategic goal and decision that the WFTDA undertakes. The ART Project recommendations will be the lens through which the future of the organization will be imagined and developed.

WFTDA leadership will start the process by sending the ART Project Report to all WFTDA Member Leagues for review and input via membership discussions and round tables, and by seeking Requests for Proposals (RFP) for a consultant to assist the WFTDA in a review and implementation plan for the ART Project’s recommendations.

Additionally, the WFTDA has taken several initiatives in line with ART recommendations:

  • Relaunching competition in a regional-based rankings and tournament structure.
  • Researching and discussing transforming our Grievance process into a new system based on restorative justice.
  • Initial conversations with Officiating Certification and Education regarding equity and increased accessibility.
  • The WFTDA BoD, staff, and leadership are participating in a “white supremacy in Roller Derby” workshop. All costs associated with this workshop will be donated to charities that specialize in this work.

The ART Project or a similar taskforce could be reconvened as needed in the future to support this implementation plan.

Download the ART Project Report

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