The responsibilities of the GTO for WFTDA Continental Cups, Playoffs, and Championships are outlined here. League-run tournaments may use this for reference and customize the job duties of the GTO in order to better support the specific needs of the tournament.


  1. Complete tournament sanctioning application by the required deadline.
  2. Work with WFTDA Tournament Manager to review venue setup plans and event scheduling to ensure all Games-related requirements are met for the tournament and are properly communicated to teams and Officials.
  3. Work with WFTDA Tournament Manager and Tournament Head Officials to create a tournament games schedule which includes all relevant meeting times, roster deadlines, and games activities (e.g., number checks, coin toss, uniform selection).
  4. Prior to the beginning of the tournament, approve conformance of the track layout to the WFTDA Tournament Track Setup Requirements with the WFTDA Tournament Manager and Tournament Head Officials.
  5. Attend the Captains’ and Officials’ meetings and provide information regarding all Games procedures (e.g., roster submissions, warm ups, expulsion procedures) to attendees.


  1. Act as an on-site Games resource for all tournament participants (Officials, Skaters, and staff).
  2. Retrieve rosters from Team Captains by the roster deadline and provide information to THNSO and to Games Data (Rinxter or other system) Manager (if applicable).
  3. Oversee pregame team uniform selection process.
  4. Assist NSOs should any concerns or charter discrepancies arise with roster numbers or WFTDA patches during uniform checks.
  5. Work with Officials to ensure that all uniforms conform to the requirements of the WFTDA Sanctioning Policy and WFTDA Playoff Tournaments: Skater Uniform Requirements.
  6. Manage pre-game warm-ups to ensure that teams are provided with adequate warm-up time. Work with Crew Head Referee (CHR) and WFTDA Tournament Manager should any scheduling concerns arise.
  7. Oversee game play and ensure conformance with all WFTDA tournament-related policies and procedures listed in the WFTDA Playoff Tournaments: Games Requirements and Policies. The GTO is not responsible for enforcing all policy but should work with the appropriate parties to ensure that policies are consistently enforced throughout the tournament and across tournaments.
  8. Submit the official score of each game by the deadline. At the end of the game, post official score on game schedule for WFTDA Marketing use.
  9. Oversee completion of the Interleague Game Reporting Form (IGRF) from the WFTDA StatsBook and submit scores and IGRFs to WFTDA Sanctioning by the deadline.
  10. Act as onsite Games Representative for expulsions/suspensions and compliance issues as described in the WFTDA Suspension Policy. Ensure completion of Expulsion/Suspension Form (in the WFTDA StatsBook) and, if necessary, moderate a suspension review meeting in case of a suspension recommendation for a team with additional games to play in the tournament.
  11. Maintain tournament games schedule throughout the tournament.
  12. Attend daily wrap-up meeting with Tournament Head Officials (THOs).


  1. Submit scanned IGRFs, Official Review forms and any associated Expulsion/Suspension Forms to the WFTDA Sanctioning Committee by the deadline.
  2. Ensure that WFTDA StatsBook and/or games data are submitted by the deadline.
  3. Post any relevant post-tournament information to the WFTDA Tournament Head Official Google group for subsequent GTO and THO crews in order to keep consistency across tournaments.
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