WFTDA Announces New Regional Competitive System and Championships

The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) launched a new regional competitive system and an adjusted rankings algorithm in early 2023. In this new system, WFTDA revised its game policies to allow for the following:

  • Teams are assigned to a region based on their geographic location, and may opt to change regions.
  • Leagues may enter more than one charter team into the competitive system. All teams are eligible for Championships.
  • Teams in the same league may not play one another for rankings (but may both compete in Championships).
  • Skaters may be on up to two active charter rosters at any given time.
  • Any two teams may overlap up to 8 skaters between them, except if those teams are competing in Championships, where the overlap can be no more than 3 skaters.
  • To be eligible for Regional Championships, teams must play at least 5 close games, as described in the WFTDA Rankings Algorithm document. (See that document for adjustments to the rankings algorithm.)
  • Teams are required to play in their Regional Championships in order to be eligible for Global Championships. Each region is given a number of bids to Global Championships based on the strength and size of the region as compared to other regions, determined by the WFTDA Calibration Committee. The number of bids per region is listed with the Regional Championships below.

For more information on the competitive system and rankings algorithm, visit our Resources page.

The 2024 Championship locations and regional bids to Global Championships are:

Regional Championships

North America-Northeast
May 17-19, 2024
Hosted by State College Area Roller Derby in State College, PA, USA
Number of Bids to Global Championships: 3

Latin America
May 18-19, 2024
Hosted by Metropolitan Roller Derby in Santiago, Chile
Number of Bids to Global Championships: 0 (1 bid was awarded, but was reassigned after a top team declined the Regional Championship. See Note below.)

June 7-9 2024
Hosted by Crime City Rollers in Malmö, Sweden
Number of Bids to Global Championships: 3

June 8-10 2024
Hosted at The Great Southern Slam by Adelaide Roller Derby in Wayville, South Australia
Number of Bids to Global Championships: 2

North America-West
June 14-16 2024
Hosted by Arizona Roller Derby in Mesa, AZ, USA
Number of Bids to Global Championships: 3

North America-South
June 28-30 2024
Hosted by Texas Rollergirls in Austin, TX, USA
Number of Bids to Global Championships: 2

Note: If there are declines to Regional Championships, the next eligible team will be invited. For Global Championships, the next team to be invited would come from the next most competitive region globally, as it will not necessarily be the next team within the region whose team declined their bid. For example, when 2×4 Roller Derby declined their invitation to LATAM regionals, the LATAM bid to Global Championships was assigned to the next-up region, leaving LATAM with 0 bids (read WFTDA’s Statement on Latin America Region and Championships). For any other declines, the next-up order is for a North America-West team and then a European team, to be approved by the Calibration Committee.

Global Championships

November 1-3, 2024
Hosted by Rose City Rollers, Portland, OR, USA

The Tournament Central page on will be updated with information and links to each tournament in the coming weeks.

Additionally, Officiating Applications are now open for all events. See the Latest News here.