2018 Global Roller Derby Outreach Survey

Roller derby is happening all over the world, and much of it is happening outside of the WFTDA member community. We want to know: who are the incredible leagues and people in our community that we haven’t even met yet? In October 2018 we conducted a survey in multiple languages, and once the results have been compiled, volunteers in our Outreach Program will make contact with responding leagues, so that they have a direct contact with the WFTDA, and engage them in conversation about their league and survey responses. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Past Surveys

The WFTDA conducted this anonymous survey in 2015, with responses from everyone from skaters and officials to volunteers and fans, in order gather valuable data to help leagues around the world find sponsors, vendors and venues.

View the results of the 2015 World Roller Derby Census. Data from the 20 countries with 100 or more respondents is presented below.

Click an image to download a PDF.

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