WFTDA Officiating Clinic Instructors

Aggie Battery

Aggie Battery
Photo by Ray Rodil Photography

Aggie Battery attended the Tallahassee Rollergirls’ first home game in 2006 and was hooked, becoming a referee for their next home game in early 2007. Over the years, Aggie morphed from a local referee traveling with her league around Florida to a Level 3 Certified NSO working tournaments across the country.

Aggie started officiating at the International WFTDA Playoffs level in 2014 and considers her assignments outside the U.S. to be among the highlights of her derby career.

Now in the twilight of her professional life in municipal government, Aggie also enjoys watching a lot of NHL hockey and posting derby to-do lists on the various whiteboards hanging around her house.

Alicia Teaze

Alicia Teaze
Photo by Taura Horn Photography

Alicia Teaze has been officiating for eleven years and is currently affiliated with the No Coast Derby Girls in Lincoln, Nebraska. She has been a Level 2 WFTDA Certified Non-Skating Official since 2013 and has been staffed at a variety of recent WFTDA D1 & D2 Playoffs and Championship tournaments. Most recently she has strapped on skates and has been training to become a skating official. In the “off-season,” she enjoys cooking, puzzling, traveling, and rescuing senior dogs.

Bettie Mercury

Bettie Mercury found roller derby as a skater with CT RollerGirls (now Roller Derby) in early 2006. She enjoyed helping officiate and test newly evolving paperwork, and saw it as a way to better understand the rules and strategy of the game as a player. In 2009, she retired from skating after being diagnosed with cancer, and instead became an independent official after recovery to stay involved. She continued to officiate for many different leagues around the northeast US, as well as multiple tournaments and playoffs with WFTDA.

Outside of derby, Bettie’s professional experience is almost all in the nonprofit sector. She’s also had extensive teaching experience, from workshops for high school girls to learn about technology, to college level courses as an adjunct professor. She holds a BFA in design, and a MS in tech management. She loves teaching others because this is supposed to be fun, right?


Photo by Greg Scales

Connie is from Perth, Western Australia and is affiliated with Perth Roller Derby, one of the most isolated full WFTDA Member Leagues in the world.  She began officiating in 2012 and took on the HNSO role at Perth after her first training session, overseeing PRD’s Grand Final after only 6 weeks in the role. She served as HNSO at PRD for four years, training and developing Officials as well as taking on the role of Head of Officials for two seasons.

She is the NSO representative with Derby West, Western Australia’s Coalition of leagues since 2013 and has been responsible for the training and education of Non-Skating Officials in Western Australia in this role. Connie also served as the Chair of Derby West between 2016 and 2017.

Connie has officiated at numerous tournaments in Australia including The Bont Invitational, Quad Save the Queen, The Great Southern Slam in 2014 and 2016 and has served as CHNSO at Royal Rumble, TGSS and the ADRD October Extravaganza.  Connie has also helped organise, run and THNSO Western Australia’s Boom State Clash Tournament every year since its inception in 2013.

Outside Roller Derby, Connie is known as Erin Scales – a trained educator and facilitator working in Health Care Technology, travelling Australia training staff from Government and Community Controlled Heath Organisations. She has a Bachelor of Education – Secondary from Edith Cowan University and Certificate IV in Training & Assessment and has worked in the adult education sector for over 15 years.

Doc Skinner

Doc Skinner
Photo by Heith Carnahan

Doc Skinner is in his seventh year as the Head NSO of the Kansas City Roller Warriors of Kansas City, KS. He is a WFTDA Certified NSO – Level 3 with the HNSO endorsement and has officiated at all levels of derby including the WFTDA and MRDA championships, with more than 600 games and 50 tournaments under his belt.

Doc has spent 25 years as an instructional designer and researcher in the University of Kansas system, initially in the School of Education but for the past few years at the School of Medicine. His research involves the development of critical thinking in middle school science, the recognition of talent in adolescents, and gamification. He enjoys traveling, food, gaming, and terrible karaoke.

Don Scoreleone

Don Scoreleone
Photo by Liz Marchiondo

Don Scoreleone has been officiating roller derby since 2012, starting with Sacred City and is now with the merged Sacramento Roller Derby. Prior to Cert closing he received Level 3 certification and has since worked several Playoffs and attended Champs.

Aside from the game, the community, and officiating in general, he loves learning and teaching, and is excited to help support the growth of officiating.

Jens Hötger

Jens Hötger
Photo by LenRizzo

Jens started to be involved in Roller Derby in 2009, but didn’t officiate his first game before the end of 2012. For a few years he doubled as official and coach, with his main focus on the latter, before transferring into a primary officiating role at the end of 2016.

Currently a Level 2 certified Skating Official he officiates Roller Derby all across Europe. His first Playoff appearance was as Jammer Referee at the inaugural European based Playoffs in Malmö 2017.

His background of coaching – which made him coach at events like EROC, RollerCon, Derby Revolution and two World Cups – allowed him to join the WFTDA clinics program as an assistant instructor in Manchester 2017.

Jens is currently serving as an elected representative in the WFTDA Officials Committee.

His personal goal is finding a balance between fun and severity in officiating as well as a sustainable Derby-Work-Life-balance, aiming for a long stay. He thinks diversity in officiating is necessary for a long-term development of the community and sport.

Kat A Killzem

Photo by Michele Hale

Kat A Killzem or “Kat” has been skating since 1990, playing derby since 2006, and refereeing since 2009. Currently, she is a Level 4 WFTDA Certified Referee. She started derby in Tampa with Tampa Bay Roller Derby (then the Tampa Bay Derby Darlins) and moved back to her hometown of Austin in 2008 where she skated for the Texas Rollergirls. In 2009 she decided to make officiating the main derby goal and has been doing so ever since, with enough playing still mixed in to not be out of the loop entirely.

Since she started officiating she has been to many tournaments both large and small, but really just enjoys being about to go and officiate good derby no matter where it is.


Kurz So Good

Kurz So Good
Photo by Stephane Faraut Photographe

Kurz So Good has been a skating official since 2011, working from the cold north of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. During his time as an official, he has officiated multiple playoff tournaments, Men’s and Women’s World Cups, in addition to tournaments on 4 different continents. Although new to the WFTDA Officiating Instructor group, he has taught at clinics all over Western Canada.

Outside of derby, Kurz works as a Software Developer, and is an avid Board Game enthusiast.


Nine Inch Wheels

Nine Inch Wheels
Photo by Danny Ngan

Nine Inch Wheels began officiating roller derby at the beginning of 2007. She got her start with the Classic City Rollergirls, in Athens, GA, and is currently an official with Rat City Roller Derby in Seattle, WA.

Currently a WFTDA Certified NSO – Level 5, she has worked many tournaments and International WFTDA Playoffs and Championships over the years as both an NSO and Tournament Head NSO. Wheels has been instructing at WFTDA Officiating Clinics since 2012. She also currently served on the WFTDA Certification Committee and currently serves as the Chair of WFTDA Officiating Education. She assists with other projects within the organization as well.

Nora Leif

Nora Leif is in her eighth season as a roller derby official (both NSO and Skating) with the Windy City Rollers out of Chicago. She loves making order out of chaos and has an affinity for spreadsheets, which led her down the path of officiating. When she isn’t blowing whistles or clicking stopwatches, she serves as liaison for officials on the WFTDA Rules Committee.

Seer Sin

Seer started officiating roller derby in 2008 after attending some local games in 2007 and discovering that roller derby is the coolest sport ever. They were thrown into the fire quickly with very little training or education on how to officiate, it was trial and error with a lot of error. Since 2009, Seer has participated in over 25 regional tournaments and International WFTDA Playoffs in skating and administrative roles.

Seer has been a clinic instructor since 2012 and taught at 10 WFTDA Officiating Clinics. They have also and run several other informal events. Seer now works to ensure no one else has to officiate under the trial by error method of learning.

Silken Tofu

Silken Tofu has been officiating roller derby since 2008 and is now a Level 5 Certified Non-Skating Official (NSO). She has served as a Crew Head NSO for various events including the International WFTDA Playoffs and Championships, and as Tournament Head NSO for events including International WFTDA Playoffs and MRDA Championships.

Her favorite parts of officiating are meeting new people, traveling, and sharing her knowledge and passion with others. Outside the derby world, she enjoys teaching ballet, drinking coffee, and spending time with her two cats.


Photo by Steph Daly

Switzerland or “Switz” is from Sydney, Australia and is affiliated with Sydney Roller Derby League. She began officiating roller derby in 2011, initially thinking to referee but realising quickly that being a Non-Skating Official was her derby passion. In 2015 Switzerland earned the WFTDA NSO Level 2 Certification, making her the fourth in Australia to obtain that honour.

In 2015, Switzerland became an international official, NSOing at RollerCon and her first WFTDA Playoffs. Since then, she has officiated The Big O twice, three WFTDA Division 2 Playoffs (Cleveland, Detroit and Lansing), two WFTDA Division 1 Playoffs (Montreal and Seattle) and one WFTDA Championship. Throughout Australia Switzerland has officiated numerous tournaments such as The Great Southern Slam, Bendigo Rebellion, Quad Save the Queen, Men’s Nationals and many more. She has been a Crew Head Non-Skating Official for many tournaments and has also been a Tournament Head Non-Skating Official for the Eastern Region Roller Derby Smackdown, Tropicarnage Cup, 5×5 Roller Derby Championship and will also fill that role at The Great Southern Slam 2018.

Toxic Marcotic

Toxic Marcotic
Photo by Joe Medolo

Toxic Marcotic started officiating in 2013 with Tampa Roller Derby, and currently hails from Boston Roller Derby. They hold Officiating Certification and Recognition across WFTDA, JRDA, and MRDA, and have served many events across the globe for all three orgs.

Some of Marc’s officiating accomplishments include officiating multiple WFTDA playoff events, crew heading MRDA Champs 2017, officiating/crew heading JRDA Champs events 2014-2017, Tournament Heading JRDA World cup 2015 and JRDA Junior Olympics 2016, officiating Roller Derby World Cup 2018, Crew Heading Men’s Roller Derby World Cup 2018, and serving as a Tournament Head for WFTDA Recognized, MRDA Endorsed, and JRDA events.

Beyond the world of whistles and taped ovals, Marc has a very handsome kitty named Gibbs.

Umpire Strikes Back

Photo by Danny Ngan

Umpire Strikes Back has been officiating since 2008, where he got his start with the Minnesota RollerGirls. Along with being one of the WFTDA Officiating Clinics first instructors, he also serves on the WFTDA Rules Committee as Chair. In the past he has served as WFTDA Games Manager and multiple times as International WFTDA Playoffs Tournament Head Referee, including at the 2015 and 2017 International WFTDA Championships.

He is currently a WFTDA Certified Referee – Level 5 and has moved to Seattle, Washington and Rat City Roller Derby.

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