2019 WFTDA Insurance Enrollment and Renewal Open Now

Some exciting changes are coming from WFTDA Insurance for 2019 coverage.

  • WFTDA Insurance coverage now extends to banked track activities. This means participants and leagues with WFTDA Insurance will be covered for both flat and banked track roller derby without purchasing additional coverage.
  • Banked track leagues in North America may now also get their coverage through WFTDA Insurance
  • Accident Medical (previously called Personal Accident) coverage is now global. This means North American based skaters who travel abroad will have accident medical insurance coverage when they participate in roller derby activities, anywhere in the world. No need to buy additional accident medical insurance to cover you out of country!
  • Most exciting of all: Your rates are not changing in 2019! There are no fee increases for coverage, just more benefits!

Currently insured with WFTDA Insurance:

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New participants or not currently insured with WFTDA Insurance:

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Is your league interested in WFTDA Insurance?

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The WFTDA is proud to offer insurance coverage to adult and junior flat and banked track leagues operating in North America. Non-North American leagues and skaters visiting the U.S. may also purchase WFTDA Insurance. Available coverage options include general liability, alcohol liability, Accident Medical (previously known as Personal Accident) insurance for North American residents competing abroad.

Participants and leagues electing this coverage must comply with the WFTDA Risk Management Guidelines  and age requirements.

WFTDA Insurance coverage includes:

  • General liability coverage for $2 million, per league
  • Excess liability coverage for $10 million, aggregate, per league
  • Personal Accident coverage:$2,500 deductible for skaters with primary insurance$7,500 deductible for skaters without primary insurance $10,000 maximum

The WFTDA strongly recommends that skaters also carry their own primary medical insurance. Accident Medical coverage (previously known as Personal Accident) through WFTDA Insurance is intended to supplement primary medical coverage, NOT replace it.

Accident Medical coverage is available at a cost of $75 per person for Member League, Apprentice League, and MRDA skaters; $80 for non-member league skaters; and $40 per person for juniors, annually. General liability coverage may be purchased for $300 for Member, Apprentice, and MRDA leagues; $250 for junior leagues; and $350 for non-member leagues. The paperwork is minimal and there are no other insurance fees—no sanction fees, no charter fees, no late fees, no transfer fees! Alcohol liability coverage is also available for an additional $300 fee. Leagues are provided with up to ten certificates of insurance at no cost. Additional certificates may be purchased for $5 per certificate.

Roller derby coverage information may be obtained by emailing . If you have any questions concerning coverage, contact .

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