This web page will be updated regularly to align with the latest government and health recommendations.

The WFTDA takes the health and safety of its members and the general roller derby community seriously. As the spread of COVID-19 has intensified, WFTDA leadership has been collaborating with National Governing Bodies and roller derby organizations worldwide to monitor conditions in regions around the world that have been or are expected to be impacted by the virus.

The WFTDA will continue to update our concerns and recommendations in the weeks ahead, and urge our members to follow national and municipal guidelines in regards to managing the spread of the virus, which may include limiting the number or scope of gatherings and events. We understand that COVID-19 recommendations may impact roller derby gameplay worldwide and the WFTDA will continue to monitor and adjust our best practices as we learn more.

Leagues should stay up-to-date with their national, regional, and local government warnings about the virus as situations can change rapidly and is location-dependent. The World Health Organization posts frequent links and updates on their website.

The WFTDA will continue to suspend all WFTDA sanctioned game play and WFTDA rankings for 2021 in order to allow our leagues to safely return to roller derby on a safe and equitable recovery pathway.

WFTDA Risk Management and the WFTDA Coronavirus Task Force have provided some recommendations to help your league implement good practices that help prevent the spread of illness, and a template to help communicate the recommendations to your members.

Latest Updates

The WFTDA has released updates to the COVID-19 Return to Roller Derby Guidelines and Recommendations, including updated Baseline Conditions that account for various vaccine roll-outs globally, a new Baseline Activities tier for leagues who have not been skating in the last six months, as well as announcements on regional return to play approvals and a statement on WFTDA-member league skaters participating in non-league events that do not comply with the guidelines. Read More


The WFTDA has released updates to the COVID-19 Return to Roller Derby Guidelines, including a statement on the vaccine rollout and recommendations regarding cardiac risks and COVID-19 variants, as well as audience guidelines for leagues to follow when returning to live events. Read More


The WFTDA has released updates to the Return to Roller Derby Guidelines, including addressing sharp increases in infection rates, pre-baseline conditions activities for leagues, WFTDA member reporting requirements, and audience recommendations. Read More


The WFTDA has released Return to Roller Derby Guidelines and supplemental documents to help guide leagues through resuming activities after pandemic shutdowns. Read More


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