The Sideline Reporter and Social Media Presenter roles are most often shared by announcers already staffed in other roles at the event. These roles can be covered by the same person at different times of the day and may be assigned with a voluntary signup. Content may be similar for these two roles and may include introductions to the tournament, overviews and recaps at the start/end of days or to add in content prior to a final.

Announcers in both roles must:

  • be comfortable in front of a camera
  • be comfortable conducting interviews, and able to react to interviewee and progress the interview
  • have good knowledge of players and teams, especially those in the tournament

The Sideline Reporter will deliver pieces live on at key points during the event, including conducting post-game interviews with representatives of the teams. Sideline Reporters will most often work from an assigned camera position at trackside. For post-game interviews, Sideline Reporters should observe the game in question, to be prepared with relevant questions for the interview subject about the completed game, and may be asked to suggest potential interview candidates to be secured by a wrangler.

The Social Media Presenter hosts supplementary social media content—some live, some pre-recorded—through WFTDA social media channels. Subjects may include behind the scenes glimpses of the tournament, interviews with people in attendance and selected WFTDA or host representatives, with the aim of building more engagement from viewers, and promoting the WFTDA postseason tournaments. Direction on content for Social Media reporting will be provided by WFTDA Marketing and the Social Media Manager who will work directly with the Social Media Presenter.

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