WFTDA Broadcast Announcers act as the voice of flat track roller derby through live streaming productions and archives, and must be capable of providing superior game insight through either color or play-by-play announcing. Broadcast positions are divided into Play-by-Play and Color roles, and are supported by a Producer, at all times. At most postseason locations, broadcast personnel will rotate through the various positions and with a variety of partners, so flexibility is key. Candidates must be able to think on their toes, multitask, keep track of skater changes/game progress, and have an excellent understanding of the game of flat track roller derby. Broadcast Announcers require a keen understanding of roller derby strategy, and a history of WFTDA game play.

For all Broadcast roles:

  • previous tournament experience is required
  • prior experience with broadcast announcing for roller derby is preferred
  • high level knowledge of the WFTDA ruleset is required
  • a deep understanding of statistics, game play, and strategy is essential

Play-by-Play Announcers describe all game play live, describing the action on the track in a way that draws in viewers. Strong Play-by-play broadcasters will understand how to articulate and synthesize roller derby game play into insightful commentary that keeps the viewer up to date on points, penalties, game scores, and more. The Play-by-play Announcers will drive the call, but leave space for Color Announcers and work in concert with them.

Color Announcers are more heavily responsible for analysis, and will synthesize and present statistics and data that compliment the game. The Color Announcer will communicate with the Broadcast Producer, to relay relative game information, such as official time outs, injuries, roster changes, etc. Color broadcasters must have a strong understanding of and know how to articulate issues involving roller derby strategy, statistics and game mechanics, working in tandem with play-by-play announcers. In addition, Color Announcers will announce all sponsor and advertising promotions, team and skater information, and adhere to WFTDA brand and Sponsorship guidelines.

Broadcast Producer Guidelines

The Producer acts as additional eyes and ears to support the Play-by-play and Color announcers. Producers require excellent multitasking ability, with strong written communication/notation skills. In addition to high level knowledge of roller derby gameplay and statistics, producers should exhibit an ability to identify streaks and important points from gameplay statistics.

The producer will monitor the call and request the Play-by-Play and Color announcers adjust their ratio as needed, to either meet the expected balance or to find a new ratio that improves the call. Producers should help ensure that the expected sponsorship obligations are met. The Producer will sit next to the Color announcer on broadcast, and enhance the broadcast by feeding the Color announcer useful information throughout the game. In some cases they will have their own microphone if expected to add to it themselves. Valuable information to share with the Broadcast Announcers includes penalty calls, up to date statistics, notice of information conveyed in-venue such as official review explanations, corrections, or other interactions made available courtesy of a designated social media channel, should there be one and should means to monitor one be available.

Prior experience with Broadcast announcing/production for roller derby is an asset.

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