WFTDA postseason tournaments will, ideally, be staffed with the following announcer roles. Announcers may fill more than one role during the course of the event, and some roles may not be employed at all locations:

  • Public Address: PA Announcer, Emcee/Host

  • Broadcast: Play-by-Play Announcer, Color Announcer, Producer

  • Sideline Interviewer / Social Media Presenter

  • Tournament Head Announcer (THA)

Additionally, up to 2 alternates may be selected for each location.

Common Requirements/Qualifications – All Positions

Candidates must:

  • be confident, energetic, and able to speak eloquently under pressure
  • work well with others, and have the ability to take and implement feedback
  • exhibit a firm understanding of WFTDA rules and game structure
  • follow direction from Talent Management Committee Chair, Tournament Head Announcer, on site WFTDA staff/event host, as required
  • use participant pronouns appropriately as directed
  • attend all meetings deemed required by the THA
  • be available to work flexible hours during tournaments; punctuality is mandatory
  • adhere to the WFTDA Tournaments Code of Conduct
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