WFTDA is Overseen by a Volunteer Board of Directors elected annually by WFTDA Member Leagues. Learn more about the current BoD below.


Deadeye (Bay Area Derby)


Pronouns: they/them

Deadeye joined the WFTDA BoD after a decade of derby including skating for Ohio Roller Derby, officiating 250+ WFTDA sanctioned games, and powering WFTDA Tech for the previous nine years. They have served as a skater representative for three leagues (Ohio Roller Derby, Silicon Valley Rollegirls, and Bay Area Derby).

Some of their favorite highlights from their officiating include being awarded the first WFTDA NSO Level 5 Certification and working as the Tournament Head NSO for 2012 WFTDA Championship to close out the era of minor penalties.


Gloom (Windy City Rollers)

Vice President

Pronouns: she/her

Sara “Gloom” Kaiser entered the world of roller derby in 2011 as an original member of the MRDA’s Chicago Bruise Brothers, and joined the Windy City Rollers as a skating official just two months later. After coming out as a transgender woman in 2014, she joined the WFTDA as a skater, playing with both WCR and the Fort Wayne Derby Girls, before returning to WCR as an official in 2019. Along the way, she served five terms on different leagues’ Boards of Directors, announced at several tournaments, contributed regularly to Derby Central, and was a founding member of the WFTDA’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee, which she chaired until 2019.

Gloom makes her living as a software engineer. In her spare time, she’s a writer, a musician, and a meme enthusiast. She is a tireless advocate for her transgender siblings, and wears a size 14 skate.

Lois Slain

Lois Slain (DC Rollergirls)


Pronouns: she/her

Kali Schumitz “Lois Slain” was one of the first WFTDA representatives for the DC Rollergirls when the league joined the WFTDA in 2008 and has been involved ever since. She previously served as the WFTDA Marketing Officer and Public Relations Committee chair.

After skating eight seasons with DCRG, Lois retired from active skating but remains a passionate fan of the sport, and you will still find her with skates on her feet now and then. At DCRG, she held numerous leadership roles including two terms on the Board of Directors and two seasons as a travel team co-captain.

A former journalist, Lois now directs communications and advocacy work for a nonprofit working to advance racial and economic justice through state fiscal policy.


Lianne Parry/Legs (Auld Reekie Roller Derby)


Pronouns: she/her

Lianne “Legs” Parry is an original member of Auld Reekie in Edinburgh, Scotland and has played on their All Star team for 11 years to date including 4 seasons as Captain. An active WFTDA Rep since 2011, Legs also held a seat on the Games Review Panel Board for 3 years and served as Membership Outreach Co-Chair.

Active in the development of UK & European Roller Derby, Legs has been involved in the formation of UKRDA, Roller Derby Nations Committee and The Big Blether – an annual Scottish derby conference. Legs has carried out many roles at Auld Reekie; including Director, Head of Training and Games committees and has skated in three Roller Derby World Cups for Scotland.

Professionally, Legs currently works in sports heritage for a Scottish Premier League Football Club. In her spare time, she loves eating good food with pals, working out and making to do lists.


Aphrobitey (Burning River Roller Derby)

General Board Member

Pronouns: she/her

Aphrobitey has called Cleveland, OH’s Burning River Roller Derby home since 2010, save for a brief stint at Charm City Roller Derby of Baltimore, MD, and three seasons with Asheville, NC’s Blue Ridge Roller Derby. In that time, she’s served in both team and league leadership, and had the chance to introduce the greater derby community to her town while serving as the Tournament Host Liaison when Burning River hosted the 2015 WFTDA Division 2 Playoffs.

Bitey’s involvement with the WFTDA began in 2013, when she became a WFTDA representative for Blue Ridge Roller Derby. She was elected to the Rules Theory Panel in 2014, on which she served until being elected to the Board of Directors in 2019. She’s also served the WFTDA as a social media volunteer, announcer, and Games Tournament Oversight.

Aphrobitey works in Athletic Administration. In her spare time, you can find her working on her house and crushing puzzles with her cats.


F-Bomb (Rose City Rollers)

General Board Member

Pronouns: she/her

F-Bomb has been volunteering for WFTDA as a skater representative since 2008, including the Tournament Committee (now called Competitive Play), as Vetted Volunteer Manager, and five years on the Grievance Committee.

She volunteered as Board Vice President of the Rose City Rollers for seven years, prior to being elected to the WFTDA Board in 2016. Her work life is centered around social work, youth services, and veterinary medicine, and she currently works in disability benefits.

F-Bomb spends most of her spare time getting dirty in her large garden, having old lady movie dates with other retired derby folx, hiking in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and hanging out with her spouse and 6-year old daughter.


Victoria Gonzalez/Tacocat (Amsterdam Roller Derby)

General BOD Member

Pronouns: she/her

Victoria Gonzalez was drawn to roller derby in 2010 after years of playing team sports and rediscovering a love of roller skating. She began with the Garden State Rollergirls in Newark, New Jersey, and has also skated with the Ithaca League of Women Rollers in Ithaca, NY, and with Amsterdam Roller Derby in the Netherlands. During this time she’s coached juniors and new skater sessions, held league leadership positions, navigated diversity initiatives, and works with WFTDA Broadcast.

Professionally, Tacocat has experience in broadcast and digital media, event production, and marketing. She’s a proud Latina and dedicated to boosting the visibility of POC in various areas, and is currently pursuing a career in the cultural sector.

Tacocat loves the outdoors, dogs, and blogs about travel and museums. As for the name? It’s a palindrome!


BambiLance (Circle City Roller Derby)

General Board Member


Bambi had been a roller derby medic starting in 2007 through her job. In 2008 a new league was formed and she has been with Circle City Roller Derby ever since, as one of the original members. Bambi played a role in Circle City becoming a WFTDA member league, serving on the league BoD for five years, and has served as a skater rep as well as officiating rep.

Bambi has been very active with Risk Management for almost the past 10 years and has helped evolve safety/medical for our members. She has also served on Certification Oversight.

After a medical diagnosis, Bambi switched from skating to officiating and served as Tournament Head Ref for WFTDA Championships in Montreal in 2019. Don’t be surprised to see someone go from crutches/walker/wheelchair to skates, that would be her. Becoming physically disabled due to Multiple Sclerosis has not kept her down.

Professionally, Bambi is a Licensed Paramedic with a ton of specialized initials that go after that because that’s what medical people do. Bambi has worked with special events and sports for over 20 years.

Tarabyte (Santa Cruz Roller Derby)

General BOD Member

She/Her They/Them

TaraByte fell in love with roller derby in the summer of 2009. Never having seen a game before going to a scrimmage and scorekeeping, she didn’t know what a ghost point was and somehow managed to do the job and came back to another scrimmage. It was at that point that she joined the Silicon Valley Roller Girls, working to NSO, and quickly became the HNSO for the league. During her time at SVRG, TaraByte worked with the WFTDA committee, COC committee, and BOD a general board member.

TaraByte realized when joining the WFTDA committee for the league that she wanted to do more with the organization. So she started in HR and helped create a process for evaluating leagues in the organization for participation. TaraByte then started to work with the officiating pillar, Starting by applying for the TOSP chair, then in 2019 Co-Officer of the officiating pillar.

In officiating she continued in her never ending quest to THNSO Champs, and in 2019 that goal/dream became a reality. Then in 2020 TaraByte made a new goal to join the BOD of WFTDA and that happened quicker than expected. Excited to get going and be a part of this organization.

Past Board Members

  • Kim H. Fandango (Derby City Rollergirls) – Secretary
  • Master Blaster (Bear City Roller Derby) – President
  • Dire Wolff (GO-GO Gent Roller Derby) – General BOD Member
  • Furrrocious (Amsterdam Roller Derby) – Interim Secretary
  • Teenie Meanie (Sacred City Derby Girls) – Treasurer
  • Ms. D’fiant (Angel City Derby Girls) – Treasurer
  • Amy Spears (Ohio Roller Derby) – Vice President
  • Alassin Sane (Detroit Derby Girls) – President
  • Eduskating Rita (NEO Roller Derby) – Secretary
  • Grace Killy (Brewcity Bruisers) – President, Ex Officio
  • Lorna Boom (Rat City Rollergirls) – Vice President
  • Siouxsicide Bomb (Rocky Mountain Rollergirls) – Secretary
  • Loco Chanel (Rat City Rollergirls) – Treasurer
  • Crackerjack (Mad Rollin’ Dolls, Texas Rollergirls) – President 2007 – 2012, Past President 2012
  • Hydra (Texas Rollergirls) – President 2006-2007, Past President 2007-2009
  • Miss Jane RedRum (Fort Wayne Derby Girls) – Secretary 2010
  • The Ruffian (Dominion Derby Girls, Atlanta Rollergirls) – Vice President, Past Vice President
  • Mercy Less (Charm City Roller Girls) – Founding Member, Treasurer
  • Ivanna S. Pankin (Arizona Roller Derby, SoCal Derby) – Founding Member
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