To apply to the WFTDA New Member Program, submit the following form:

You will also need to submit the following files to

  • List of owners/managers – include name, email, gender, years actively skating in the league, and years affiliated with the league (if non-skating).
  • Roster of skaters, officials and league volunteers (minimum requirement of 15 skaters) along with their designations or roles
  • League Mission Statement
  • Details and confirmation of at least two games
    • Details and confirmation should include the IGRF from the WFTDA Statsbook
    • Qualifying games may occur 12 months prior to the date of application
  • Brief description of league history (date established), current status, and statement of league objectives for the next 12 months. Please include what your league hopes to gain as a member of the WFTDA
  • One letter of recommendation from a WFTDA Member League
  • League bylaws/policies highlighting the following:
    • Governance by democratic principles and practices
    • Voting Policy
    • Grievance policy
    • Overall management structure
    • Any policies that ensure the league is compliant with the WFTDA CoC

If you have any questions, contact

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