My venue asked for a Primary/Non-Contributory Endorsement on the COI. What is that?

When an insurance policy is considered “primary” it will pay out first in the event of a loss. If there are two policies covering the same risk, the policy deemed “primary” will pay out its limit before the other secondary policy and is responsible for defense costs until liability is determined.

When an insurance policy is considered “non-contributory” the insurance carrier issuing the policy will not seek contribution from an Additional Insured if it pays out on a loss.

Some entities who request Additional Insured status may also require a “Primary & Non-Contributory” endorsement, meaning in the event of a claim, they want your insurance policy to pay out first, cover the defense costs associated with the claim and be unable to seek contribution from their own insurance policy.

To protect your league from liabilities beyond your control, our insurer limits coverage to your league’s own negligence, and your COI states this. This language will not be removed. It protects and limits your league’s liability to its own negligence (your league is not responsible for the negligence of the venue, or anyone else).