The WFTDA Code of Conduct Toolkit includes concepts, ideas, and structures from the contributors’ experience and expertise. It is not meant to be a comprehensive document, containing the answers and resources for everyone. It is meant to serve as a framework and guiding document for collaboration and to hold space for the important work of understanding, developing or revising a Code of Conduct. We want to empower leagues to know how to find, understand, and use resources in the context of creating or supplementing their Code of Conduct work.

The content is structured in five sections:

  1. Introduction: why a Toolkit and how to use it
  2.  Understand It: terms, concepts, assessment and communication tips
  3.  Use It: why policies are important, organizational culture in roller derby
  4.  Workshop and Facilitation tips
  5.  Further resources and how to find local resources

The platform used for the Toolkit is To provide users with a template that can actually be used, Coda has an interactive platform to view and create inside the Toolkit. Any changes made to the Toolkit while you are using it will not be saved or seen by others unless you create your own Coda account and copy the Toolkit there. Coda allows individuals and leagues to collaborate using the Toolkit as a basis for discussion and innovation.

How to create an account on Coda:

  • Open the WFTDA Code of Conduct Toolkit in Coda
  • Click “sign in to edit” in the top right corner
  • Sign in or create an account
  • After you have done that, you will see “Copy doc” in the top right corner
  • Click “Share” to share your copy and edits with others in your league.

The Code of Conduct Toolkit is solely provided for use by leagues as the example of the officially approved Code of Conduct Toolkit. Any revisions, edits, or changes to this provided Code of Conduct Toolkit by any league or individual, which is not further reviewed by and approved by the WFTDA, is not considered to be endorsed by the WFTDA. Any edited version of the Code of Conduct Toolkit may not use, affix, or otherwise display any WFTDA logos or trademarks upon any edited version of the Code of Conduct Toolkit. Leagues may not imply or explicitly promote an edited version of their edited version as one endorsed by WFTDA without explicit permission by the WFTDA.

Do you have suggestions for an update or did you create your own Toolkit with Coda? Send it our way by submitting this feedback form.

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