Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about WFTDA Insurance.

How do I purchase WFTDA insurance?

Coverage is purchased online, and becomes effective immediately. Your league must assist you. Please follow up with your league’s administrator. If you do not know who that is, or if you do not currently skate with a league and wish to purchase coverage as an unaffiliated skater, contact for the link and instructions.

Note: skaters must purchase the same insurance coverage as their league. If your league does not have WFTDA insurance, you should not purchase WFTDA insurance.

My league wants to purchase WFTDA Insurance. What do we need to do?

Leagues must adhere to the WFTDA Risk Management Guidelines. Leagues based in the United States or Canada, or leagues traveling to the United States or Canada, qualify for coverage. For additional information, contact

What does coverage include?

For leagues, WFTDA insurance coverage includes general and excess liability coverage in the amount of $10 million. For skaters, coverage includes personal accident and liability coverage.

I don’t have primary insurance. Can I still purchase WFTDA insurance?

We strongly recommend that all skaters carry primary insurance; your league may require that you carry primary insurance. The personal accident coverage through WFTDA insurance is intended to supplement primary insurance, not replace it. Roller derby injuries are expensive. If you do not have access to primary insurance, we recommend additional supplemental coverage like that offered through Extreme Sports Insurance or Aflac, in addition to the coverage available through WFTDA Insurance.

I have primary insurance. Why do I need WFTDA Insurance?

Coverage through WFTDA insurance is not limited to personal accident coverage; it also includes liability coverage, which protects the skater, from third party liability. All skaters must purchase this type of insurance in order to avoid gaps in coverage.

Can my league force me to purchase coverage?

Your league will refuse to allow you to participate if you do not have insurance coverage. By obtaining coverage, you, your league, and your fellow league members are indemnified and protected.

I purchased coverage. Now where’s my ID card? (Or, what is my ID?)

WFTDA Insurance does not send out ID cards – they are expensive to administer and a huge waste of resources. You may log in to verify your ID by going to going to your profile page.

My league has WFTDA Insurance. Who can skate with us?

Any WFTDA insured skater (18 or older) or league. The WFTDA also has reciprocity agreements with MRDA, CRDi, RSC, Francis L Dean, and USARS.

Note: If you host a USARS skater or league, as part of our reciprocity agreement, USARS requires that host leagues sanction or charter through USARS in order for their insurance coverage to be in effect. Regardless of insurance, all visiting skaters may be required to sign a liability waiver prior to being permitted to participate. USARS permits minors, ages 14-17, to participate with their adult leagues. Those minors may be permitted to participate as long as they are skating with their adult USARS league, and not independent from that league.

What is “reciprocity”?

It means we have a mutual agreement with those insurers to recognize and honor that coverage. This means skaters are not required to purchase additional insurance coverage when they visit a league that has different insurance. If you sustain an injury, you would file a claim with your own insurance provider.

Does coverage transfer?

Coverage through WFTDA transfers to other WFTDA insured leagues. Coverage does not transfer to non-WFTDA insured leagues, and insured skaters may not transfer their coverage to another skater. If a skater with different insurance joins your league, they must purchase the same coverage as your league. Our reciprocity agreements only apply to visiting skaters.

I was injured at a bout/scrimmage/league practice. What should I do?

WFTDA injury reports must be submitted within two weeks of the date of injury or the claim may be denied. The injury report form can be downloaded from the Downloads page, or your league rep may assist you.

I submitted an accident report, now what?

If it is apparent your injury will result in a claim, claim information will automatically be mailed to you, usually within 14 to 30 days of your injury. If you have not received claim information and your expenses will exceed the deductible, contact to request claim information. You will receive a proof of loss form and instructions from American Specialty in the mail. Complete and return the proof of loss form, along with all bills and EOBs. American Specialty will subtract your deductible ($2500 for skaters with primary insurance, $7500 for skaters without primary insurance), from any payments made. After you have submitted the initial accident report, you may claim expenses incurred for that injury up to twelve months following the date of injury.

Where do I have my doctor submit bills?

All billing and claim information should be sent directly to you, or, after you have completed and returned the proof of loss form to American Specialty, you may have billing sent there. Please do not have your doctor submit bills directly to WFTDA, as this will only delay the payment process.

Where do we find our league insurance number for sanctioning paperwork?

Your league insurance number is located on your league’s certificate of insurance, which must be requested (download the form on  the Downloads page).

When do I need a certificate of insurance and how do I get one?

Certificates of Insurance, or COIs, are provided to leagues, not individual skaters. Your league may request a COI by completing and submitting the COI Request Form, which may be downloaded from the Downloads page. Allow a minimum of three business days for processing (during renewal, allow up to 30 days). COIs for your venue should only be requested if your venue asks to be listed as a certificate holder or additional insured. If your venue does not request a COI listing them as a certificate holder or additional insured, your league COI is sufficient to provide as proof of insurance. Your league may request up to ten COIs at no cost. Additional COIs may be requested for $5 each.

We have a visiting skater coming from another league. What do we need to do?

All visitors, including non-skating volunteers, must sign the event waiver, which may be downloaded from the Downloads page.

For practices/scrimmages/bootcamps: visiting skaters are not required to have insurance. All visitors must sign the event waiver prior to participating.

For bouts/events open to the public: ALL skaters must be insured, and the visiting league must have general liability coverage. If the visiting skaters/league have different insurance, they must comply with their insurer’s requirements (i.e. sanction through USARS). The visiting league is responsible to meet those requirements, but as the host league, you must confirm that they have. All visitors must sign the event waiver prior to participating.

Are tryouts covered?

We do not insure skaters trying out. Be sure all skaters sign a liability waiver prior to being permitted to try out. Skaters are not required to purchase insurance coverage until they have completed their tryout period and joined your league.

Can minors skate with us?

All participants with your adult league must be 18 or older. Our liability waiver states that the signer is 18 or older. Minors cannot indemnify your adult league, and our insurer will not cover the liability of a minor skating with an adult league. Participants must be 18 or older. USARS permits skaters, ages 14-17, to participate with their adult leagues. If a USARS adult league has skaters aged 14-17, those minors may be permitted to participate – but they must be with their league. A minor cannot participate with your league independently from their adult league. Additionally, if a member of your adult league does not wish to participate with minors, the minor may be excluded from participation.

Can minors volunteer to assist our league?

All participants with your adult league must be 18 or older. Everyone who participates with your league must sign the event waiver, which states the signer is 18 or older. If they cannot indemnify your league (and minors cannot), they should not be permitted to participate with your league. Our insurer won’t cover the liability of a minor involved with an adult derby league. All volunteers must be 18 or older.

Our league is affiliated with a junior league. How can we involve them?

Minors present an enormous liability because they cannot indemnify your league, nor can a parent waive the rights of a minor. Adults may only participate with juniors in a coaching or officiating capacity, and background checks are required of adults who do participate in this manner. Junior participation at your adult bout must be limited to their involvement with their junior league. For example, they may sell merchandise or pass out fliers for their junior league at your adult bout. They may also participate in a halftime or demo (juniors only) bout. This is the extent they may participate with your adult league.

My league is hosting a bout, what do we need to do for insurance?

Plan ahead! At least 30 days in advance, your league should request a certificate of insurance from the visiting league so that you may verify their insurance. If the visiting league has WFTDA insurance, CRDi, RSC, MRDA, or Francis L Dean, nothing further must be done. All visitors must sign the event waiver prior to participating.

If the visiting league has USARS, the visiting league must sanction through USARS. You must provide a certificate of insurance to the USARS league 45 days in advance, allowing them sufficient time to sanction the event through USARS. Request a copy of the sanction once it has been processed. All visitors must sign the event waiver.

If a visiting referee has USARS, USARS will cover the referee without requiring the event be sanctioned through USARS. The visiting official must sign the event waiver. Please do not wait until the day before your bout to take care of insurance requirements. All visitors must sign the event waiver prior to participating. That includes volunteers, officials, photographers, skaters, coaches, ALL visitors.

Who is responsible for liability insurance of a venue?

The host league is responsible, but each league must have its own general liability coverage. The host league must verify that everyone participating has insurance coverage. This ensures there are no gaps in the general liability coverage. If a spectator were to be injured by a skater, the spectator may bring suit against both of the leagues, and their skaters. This is why BOTH teams and all skaters must have insurance. This is also why, if a league hosts a USARS skater or league, the visiting league must sanction through USARS, so that their insurance coverage is in effect.

My league is hosting a fund-raiser activity. Is this covered?

Most fund-raising activities are covered under the general liability policy. Alcohol liability is excluded unless your league purchases separate coverage. For additional details, contact

Does anything “void” our coverage?

Nothing “voids” your coverage, but certain activities, like failing to adhere to the Risk Management Guidelines, not wearing required safety gear, skating under the influence, or fighting, will result in claims being denied if an injury is sustained as a result.

Am I covered every time I put on skates?

WFTDA Insurance covers skaters at league practices, scrimmages, games, tournaments, and boot camps that comply with the Risk Management Guidelines. Coverage is limited to roller derby activities, no other skating activity is covered.

I’m going outside of the United States and plan to skate with a derby league abroad. Am I covered?

At this time, coverage through WFTDA insurance is limited to the United States and Canada. If you are traveling elsewhere, contact your primary insurer to determine if your coverage is valid in the country you will be traveling to. You may also purchase travel insurance to cover you while abroad (SOS Internationale and World Nomads both offer travel insurance).

My league is not based in the United States but our skaters/league will be traveling to the U.S. for tournaments/boot camps. Will WFTDA insurance cover us?

Yes, you may purchase coverage if you will be participating in roller derby activities while in the United States. Contact for more information.

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