Leagues can use the following template to communicate with members about safety precautions to prevent the spread of illness. Copy and paste the text below or click here to download, and adjust for your league as needed.

Dear __________ ,

Due to the current events and insecurities regarding the spread of COVID-19, we would like to implement the following good practices for our league and training sessions, that should help prevent the spread of illness.

Please wash your hands before and after practice. 

    1. Washing hands often is the single most effective step we can take to keep ourselves and everyone around us healthy. Especially if you are coming to practice with public transport.
    2. Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before rinsing and drying them. Sing short song or set a timer.
  • Add any information on your training and practice facility that is important for your league members to consider here. (e.g. no hot water, additional soap required, disinfection wipes available, etc.)

Please sanitize your gear after every practice.

    1. Use a sanitizing spray on your gear after each practice and wash regularly. There are multiple sprays and detergents on the market – use diluted bleach solutions, a product with at least 70% alcohol, or other household disinfectants.
    2. Mouthguards: Always store your mouthguard in a container, don’t just let it roam around in your bag. (Best is a firm container that permits air circulation, but prevents damage.) Clean it after each practice with toothpaste and a toothbrush, soak in Listerine, or use denture cleaner. Do not share mouthguards nor put them in your sports bra, helmet or elsewhere during your practice. Try to avoid taking it in and out constantly. And maybe this is also the time to buy a new one?
  • Add any information in case you store your gear at your facilities. Remind people to take their gear home instead of leaving it behind.

Please stay home if you are sick.

  1. It is crucial that we all commit to staying home if we feel unwell, even if it’s only a slight cold.
  2. To implement this, leadership has decided to suspend the following attendance requirement changes for the time being: Add any information on your (medical) leave of absence or recovery days.

Please help us keep our facilities to the following standards:

  • Add anything you want to be cleaned and disinfected, when, and with what. If there is a sign-up sheet or if this means people need to show up earlier for practice.

Please remember to be a decent human being.

    1. Sneeze into your elbows, not your hands, and cover your coughs.
    2. Don’t buy medical masks if you are not sick. They don’t protect you from getting sick, and stockpiling masks or sanitizers can hurt those that need it.
    3. Remember a virus is no reason to be racist, xenophobic, or discriminatory in any way shape or form.
  • Add anything else about your Code of Conduct and guidelines you want people to follow.
It’s 4 easy things to remember:
  2. Cover your coughs and sneezes. (Don’t cough in your hands, but rather in your elbow.)
  3. Wash your hands for 20 seconds (sing your ABCs) or use hand sanitizer before and after practice.
  4. Sanitize your gear: Wash it and spray it with something that kills viruses.


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