This web page will be updated regularly to align with the latest government and health recommendations.

The WFTDA takes the health and safety of its members and the general roller derby community seriously. As the spread of COVID-19 has intensified, WFTDA leadership has been collaborating with National Governing Bodies and roller derby organizations worldwide to monitor conditions in regions around the world that have been or are expected to be impacted by the virus.

The WFTDA will continue to update our concerns and recommendations in the weeks ahead, and urge our members to follow national and municipal guidelines in regards to managing the spread of the virus, which may include limiting the number or scope of gatherings and events. We understand that COVID-19 recommendations may impact roller derby gameplay worldwide and the WFTDA will continue to monitor and adjust our best practices as we learn more.

update – 3/23/20

WFTDA leadership and COVID-19 task forces provide a weekly update and brief recap of the 3/20/20 Open Forum.

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UPDATE – 3/16/20

WFTDA Board of Directors and Staff along with the COVID-19 Task Force and Competitive Play Task Force announce updated recommendations for league activities, and planned adjustments to Competitive Play for the 2020 season.

Recommendations to WFTDA Membership as of March 16, 2020:

  • The Board of Directors is advising member leagues to suspend training and competition at this time.
  • Follow the advice of your local public health officials and NGBs when deciding to resume activities.

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update – 3/13/20

WFTDA Leadership has released a statement addressing concerns about the impacts on sanctioning, rankings, and tournament eligibility.

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UPDATE – 3/11/2020

At this time, the WFTDA recommends several precautionary tactics for our member organizations:

  • If members of your league or event have cold and/or flu symptoms, ask them to stay home.
  • If your league has members that have traveled to high risk areas be sure to consult recommendations from your local or national health agency.
  • If your league and/or event is located in an area in which there have been reported cases of COVID-19, try to limit non-essential activities. Be sure to consult with your local and municipal authorities with regards to recommendations around limiting non-essential events, or any guidelines around the number of participants in attendance. Also when hosting an event that is not cancelled, recognize that you may have participants who may need to cancel due to concerns about the virus. You should have staffing contingency plans in place to manage these cancellations.
  • Suspend your attendance policy for the time being if you don’t have a medical leave of absence policy (LOA). This helps maintain a culture where your leaguemates don’t feel obligated to come to practice feeling unwell because of attendance pressure.
  • Please re-familiarize yourselves with your league venue and event contracts. In particular, be sure to review any clauses related to cancellations or force majeure clauses pertaining to circumstances that may impact cancellations. If you are located in an area with a significant number of reported cases, you may want to consider asking venues and contractors about optional dates for events.
  • Review your league finances to determine what role larger events have in your annual budget, and what might need to change if your organization’s local government recommends event cancellation. Wherever relevant, check in with your National Governing Body for locally relevant roller derby-specific advice.

Leagues should stay up-to-date with their national, regional, and local government warnings about the virus as situations can change rapidly and is location-dependent. The World Health Organization posts frequent links and updates online:

If you need to cancel a sanctioned game due to coronavirus, contact WFTDA Sanctioning at as soon as possible. As per the WFTDA Forfeit Policy, Games canceled due to outside factors such as venue closures, virus concerns or travel bans would not be subject to forfeit fines. If it is possible to reschedule the game, WFTDA Sanctioning will assist leagues in doing so and waives any late fee should the most convenient reschedule date fall within the 30-day window. If rescheduling is not possible, WFTDA will work with participating leagues to assess the impact of the cancellation on ranking and Playoffs eligibility game minimums and to find a solution.

WFTDA Risk Management and the WFTDA Coronavirus Task Force have provided some recommendations to help your league implement good practices that help prevent the spread of illness, and a template to help communicate the recommendations to your members.

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