The following requirements will apply to the Open Division beta test. WFTDA will discuss these requirements in the future with our membership after the beta testing period and data analysis has concluded.

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Download PDF: WFTDA Open Division Beta Test Requirements

Gender Requirements

Women’s Division will continue to follow the existing WFTDA Gender Policy. Open Division does not ask gender of anyone. Anyone who chooses to play in this division may participate.

Transgender and gender-expansive people have no obligation to switch to the Open Division. This new competitive offering exists in addition to our established gender policy. No individual member or potential member of the WFTDA should see this as an obligation or force an individual into this pathway against their wishes. Any reports of coercion, pressure or policy will be considered a violation of the WFTDA Organizational Code of Conduct and could result in action being taken against a League.

Participation Requirements

Open Division teams and skaters do not have to be associated with a WFTDA-member league.

Skaters may be on a WFTDA Women’s Division and an Open Division roster at the same time. This helps us to understand the interest in the division from skaters currently within the Women’s Division.

All skaters must register in the WFTDA Member Portal.

  1. Participants must sign the WFTDA participation waiver and WFTDA Organizational Code of Conduct.
  2. Registered participants will be provided access to a Higher Logic Open Division community to support networking with other Open Division participants and communication with the WFTDA.

Game Requirements

The Open Division game must be played against any team associated with a WFTDA-member league, or if neither team has an association with WFTDA, must be played at a WFTDA-Recognized Tournament.

The Open Division games must follow the following requirements:

  1. All Skaters must be 18 years old or older
  2. All Skaters have passed the WFTDA Minimum Skills Requirements and the WFTDA Skater Rules Test
  3. The game must be played by the following:
    1. The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby
    2. WFTDA Officiating Cues, Codes, and Signals
    3. WFTDA Officiating Procedures for The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby
    4. WFTDA Risk Management Guidelines
    5. WFTDA Expulsion and Suspension Policy 
    6. All insurance, games, and uniform requirements listed in the WFTDA Sanctioning Policy
  4. All participants are bound by the WFTDA organizational Code of Conduct

All hosting leagues must have qualifying insurance for the teams to participate in the beta test per WFTDA Sanctioning requirements.

All participating teams and skaters must have qualifying insurance per WFTDA Sanctioning requirements.

Rosters and game registration will be due 30 days prior to the game, as per WFTDA Sanctioning requirements.

Officiating Game History

Officials may list any Open Division beta test game as sanctioned on the Officiating History Document for the purpose of game counts for Certification and WFTDA tournament staffing.

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