The WFTDA selects one GTO for each of the Continental Cups and Playoffs tournaments, and two GTOs for WFTDA Championships. WFTDA may consider hiring an additional training GTO should that assignment support the growth of our GTO program and the WFTDA’s oversight needs.

Job Description

The main duties of the GTO are to:

  • oversee competition and tournament policies
  • support officiating personnel and the tournament host
  • manage sanctioning and score reporting
  • act as a Skater advocate
  • enforce grievance policies

A full job description for a WFTDA Tournament GTO can be found here.

Selection and Assignment Process

All interested GTOs must complete the application below. Active or Retired Skaters or Officials, or other individuals with relevant experience are encouraged to apply. Applicants with a Skater background are preferred. The WFTDA is looking for GTOs with recent tournament GTO experience or relevant WFTDA experience. All applicants must have completed the most recent version of the GTO online curriculum by the GTO application deadline. To request access to WFTDA Online Learning, please complete the GTO Training Module Request Form.

The WFTDA GTO Manager and WFTDA Games Officer will review all applications and past performance and will select a pool of candidates for that year’s tournaments.

Once final seeding of tournaments is complete, WFTDA will assign GTOs to tournament locations based on availability and experience, any team affiliation, staffing considerations, and travel costs.

GTO assignments will be publicly announced with the release of tournament officials.

Performance Assessment

The WFTDA Games Officer will solicit feedback on GTO performance through evaluations and communications with:

  • Tournament Head Officials
  • Tournament Manager
  • WFTDA Board of Directors Tournament Oversight
  • Team Captains
  • WFTDA Sanctioning

This information will be communicated to GTOs to mentor and support their development and to determine eligibility for future WFTDA assignments.

2019 WFTDA GTO Application

Submit the application form below by April 30. See the 2019 WFTDA Postseason Tournament dates and locations at WFTDA Tournament Central.

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